Reasons why marijuana should be legal essay

We could save billions of dollars every year as a nation if we stop wasting money locking people up for having marijuana.

Why Marijuana Should be Legalized, an argumentative essay

About this resource This Sociology essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. Just like Christianity and Judaism instruct their followers to drink wine on certain occaisions, some Hindus, Buddhists, Rastafarians, and members of other religions use marijuana as part of their spiritual and religious ceremonies.

At this point, there are over 1, licensed shops that sell cannabis every day. The first and most basic reason that marijuana should be legal is that there is no good reason for it not to be legal.

Crime in the United States Balancing Risks and Benefits. Most important, he has a decent quality of life. The legalization is not only predicted to do this, but will actually create a taxable industry and create thousands new legit job positions.

This is why I think there should be an age limit of eighteen on marijuana. Its effects are mostly euphoric and mild, whereas alcohol turns some drinkers into barroom brawlers, domestic abusers or maniacs behind the wheel.

With an age limit, I believe that it will control at least a situation such as that from that happening. Experts say that marijuana increases the heart rate and the volume of blood pumped by the heart, but that poses a risk mostly to older users who already have cardiac or other health problems.

The hemp plant is a valuable natural resource. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. Get more stories like this in your inbox, every day.

But the current prohibition scheme does not allow such reasonable approaches to marijuana; instead we are stuck with 'DARE' police officers spreading lies about drugs in schools, and policies that result in jail time rather than treatment for people with drug problems.

Constipation, rheumatic pain, female disorders, earache, jaundice, glaucoma, asthma, muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, and excitability Other things it was known to be used for were: The Canadian medical Association Journal reports many testimonies of the successful use of medical marijuana.

Furthermore, by selling the marijuana in only rolled forms, it diminishes the possibility that people will get the seeds and grow the plant themselves.

This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere

Owen Poindexter is a freelance writer.Argumentative Essay: Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized? March 21, Julie Petersen The number of people pointing out to the numerous reasons why marijuana should be legal is growing daily.

Essay: Should marijuana be legal? I believe that one of the main reasons marijuana should be legal is because of the way it was criminalized in the first place.

This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere

In the years before the depression there was a significant growth of Mexican-Americans in the Western part of the United States as a result of the revolution in Mexico in Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized Essay Why Marijuana over Tobacco These were just the first two states to push for marijuana to be legal for recreational reasons.

Are there going to be more states legalizing weed and is it a good idea? Marijuana should be legalize for several reasons, first the government could earn money from taxes. Medicinal Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay.

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Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Are you writing an essay or working on a speech or presentation about why marijuana should be legal? If so, this page is for you.

Reasons why marijuana should be legal essay
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