Jesus christ is perfect love essay

Wesley believes that God can and does give this gift of a heart filled with pure love, not only to the dead in Christ, but also to the living. Peter preached to them. Jesus operated from a base of fixed principles or truths rather than making up the rules as he went along.

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Jesus was not afraid to make demands of those he led. The tyranny of trivia consists of its driving out the people and moments that really matter.

More than this, because of our new nature, as Christian leaders we should find ourselves readily drawn to the Christ-centred servant leadership model. As Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 5: And because of His immense joy, He sold all that He had so that He could purchase that field.

The innumerable multitude of Revelation 7: Jesus let people know that he believed in them and in their possibilities, and thus he was free to help them stretch their souls in fresh achievement.

Jews not only punished him severely but ordered for him to be crucified. Are you focused on your people, those who follow you remember leaders have followers achieving their full potential for the Kingdom? So often, secular leaders rush in to solve problems by seeking to stop the present pain, and thereby create even greater difficulty and pain later on.

As we discover our faults, it could be easy to become discouraged. Where consideration is given to the vital skills of people and organizational leadership, the Christian world so often seems to call upon secular, worldly models, passing over the one role model who should be in focus — Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ – The Perfect Example

The consciousness and personal realisation of these positions may vary with the daily walk of the believer, but the abiding facts of the new being are never subject to change in time or eternity.

There are many individuals waiting to be touched and loved if we care enough to improve in our performance.

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Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid; neither be thou dismayed: While Wesley denies that there can be certainty about who has been perfected, he suggests three markers: The gospel also includes what Christ will be doing in the future, returning as King of kings in power and glory.

Before looking at that which God has done for the believer in Christ, Chafer raises the following five points that are very important to remember. Time cannot be recycled. For example, sonship does not grow, as an old man is no more a son of his father at his death than he was at the day of his birth.

Jesus gave his life for all of mankind so that they would be saved. It is a gift of God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ Ephesians 2: The divine order that God has established through these letters is to first sit and learn of your position in Christ, and then, in view of this position, the exhortation is given to live a life consistent with your position.

You should see a sharp distinction between the first three chapters and the last three. Perhaps all of us would not be the perfect example of leadership, but all of us can make a serious effort toward approaching that great ideal.

Read II Corinthians chapter 11, verse 3: The primary concern of the servant leader is service to their followers. Analysis Christianity offers solutions to problems that arise in our life. Serving the needs of others is liberating.


Used by permission of the National Historic Museum at Frederiksborg. Our natural reason says, If we do not walk, how can we ever reach the goal?Since perfect love removes all fears, it is good to know that God is love and His love has reached out to us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for us!

And because He rose from the dead and is not only the testator but the executor of His own will - through the Holy Spirit - we are assured of His total peace and healing for.

The Life Of Jesus Christ And Paul The Apostle Words | 16 Pages The Life of Jesus Christ and Paul the Apostle The Survey of the New Testament course covered a vast amount of material. Jesus Vs. Muhammad Comparison – Essay Sample It seems to me that the lives of Jesus and Muhammad were and still are of such a significance that can’t be compared to the life of any other historical personality.

Jesus said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (John ). Keeping the commands of Jesus begins with recognizing what they are. Following is a collection of 49 of Jesus’ commands. As you read through them, ask God to help you observe these words, apply them, and faithfully follow them throughout your lifetime.

Jesus Christ instructed his disciples to be perfect, as their Father in Heaven is perfect, declaring at the same time his belief that human perfection requires the refraining from revenge and retribution in any of its various shapes.

Another great verse about God's love is found in Romans"But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Jesus as a role model

" In this verse and in Johnwe find no conditions placed on God's love for us.

Jesus christ is perfect love essay
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