A review of the film millers crossing

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What you see in Miller's Crossing is not what you get, believe me. This film belongs to Gabriel Byrne who plays Tom Reagan. Tom is a hero, anti-hero, maybe, in this gangster film.

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Oct 05,  · "Miller's Crossing" comes from two traditions that sometimes overlap, the gangster movie of the s and the film noir of the s. It finds its characters in the first and its visual style in the second, but the visuals lack a certain stylish tackiness that film noir sometimes had.3/5.

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While BLOOD SIMPLE paid homage to film noir, and RAISING ARIZONA put a wacky, post-modernist spin on the screwball comedy, MILLER'S CROSSING attempts to both sum up, and revivify, the gangster genre. Miller's Crossing is so tangled that it eventually becomes too much about the untangling, but colorful expressions like "Take your flunky and dangle" are amusing, and the story evolves into an examination of situational ethics that integrates philosophy and action far better than The Matrix (created by Coen copycats Larry and Andy Wachowski).

A review of the film millers crossing
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